This week I worked a lot on cumulating research on the following social movements: Black Lives Matter, Climate Change, March for Our Lives, LGBTQ+ Rights Movement, Disability Rights Movement, Immigration Rights Movement, and the #MeToo Movement. HERE is all the research I have so far! 
While doing this research I realized I couldn’t find as much info on the Immigration Rights Movement and the Disability Rights movement so I am thinking about cutting those from the list of the movements I would focus on. I also wanted to make sure that I heard other peoples opinions on what the most important social movements that are currently happening in the US, so I did a survey on my instagram page asking "What are the top 3 social movements happenign in the US out of BLM, Climate Change, Women's Rights, Disability Rights, March for Our Lives, Immigration Rights, Me Too Movement and LGBTQ+ Rights?" Out of 15 people that replied, here are the results of what people said:
BLM: 13 people
Climate Change: 8 people
Immigration Rights: 5 people
LGBTQ+ Rights: 1 person
Women's Rights: 4 people
Me Too Movement: 1 person
March For Our Lives: 1 person
Disability  Rights: 1 person
Moreover, I worked on creating mood boards for the movements I think I am going to focus on which you can see here:
I have also been culminating images from these movements into a folder on my phone to reference later on. These mood boards made me realize that each movement has so much information and so many stories that need to be told so I don’t know if I am currently taking on too much. 
I feel like I could focus my whole project on the Black Lives Matter Movement because things are unfolding as I am writing this post. It was announced that only one of the cops that were involved in Breonna Taylor’s death was charged, and it was for a class D felony. Currently, there are protests happening all over the country because people are furious with this decision (as am I). Another important thing that is happening, is the Supreme Court justice nomination and how the new justice could potentially lead to repealing Roe v Wade which is a landmark Supreme Court decision that protects a women’s right to choose. 
Soooo,  feel like I have made a lot of progress on my project but also not enough. I have also chosen fonts for every movement as well as finalized color schemes. Next week, I am going to start designing the posters. 

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