Here is some of the feedback I got from my midterm presentation:
- Articulation of why you want to work with AR is clear.
- Is this a platform? An instance of one of these? Will these be aggregated? 
-Which ones would you be the most interested in realizing? 
-Come from your own sense of interest based on the communities that you’re part of
-Go and work with some community groups that are actively involved in some of these areas / what they might think are useful
-Connecting the nature of AR and space -> perhaps a place-based initiative, or a local organization dealing with local phenomena?
-Call to action - who do they want to single out to experience these things? What could external people bring to this group that is most valuable? Financial resources? Donations? Safe havens? What do they need?
Updates from Feedback
I think I want to focus on the rise of Asian American Hate Crimes because that is a cause that I currently relate to a lot. So, I have begun collecting stories on instagram to start to get a deeper knowledge of what is really happening and why. I have also started to reach out to organizations and finding out what they think a good call to action is.
Asian Feed - The Media is being mostly silent about the racially targeted crimes and attacks. They want people to raise awareness and share stories, report anti-asian hate crimes at, and donate to organizations such as Stop AAPI Hate, Hate Is A virus, Act to Change, and Asian Americans Advancing Justice.
Stop AAPI Hate - Wants people to report incidents, share safety tips, educate yourself to be informed about what is happening and why, donate, ask elected officials what they are doing to increase resources for survivors and their families, are there any preventions taking place, people to take Bystander Intervention Training, people to learn the difference between hate incident and hate crime/
I also found the movement hub which is  A platform of AAPI organizations across the U.S. that advance racial equity and intersectional justice. It provides an overarching view of the movement, links specific organizations in different parts of the world, and data snapshots about the movement. They also provide links to workshops, letters of support, and ways to organize during the pandemic. 
This sparked new ideas for my prototypes:
-Creating an AR Banner that just says Stop Asian/AAPI Hate - it wouldbe very simple and something that can be shared vastly
-Focus on 5  Asian American women who are leaders in their fields share the solutions they believe will help stop Asian hate
-Create localized experiences where the hate incidents occurred and sharing the victims stories
-A map showcasing all the hate incidents that occurred - eye opening and shock value
The instagram account will give background to the AR experiences, resources people can donate to and learn from, as well as stories of asian hate crimes occurring. Bring more awareness to the movement.
-What are some things that you are taking away from this AR experience?
-Is it something you have seen before?
-Do you think it is effective in getting the point across/what do you think the point of it is?
-Did the user follow through to the instagram account?
-Did the prototype catch your eye?
-Did it make you want to get more involved?
-Have you heard these stories before?
-What are some changes you would make?
-Do you already know about the rise of hate crimes?
-Did the user flow work? Was it confusing?
-Do you think the prototype had a purpose? 

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