This week, I wanted to focus more on refining my idea. Here are some of the things that I brain stormed.
Research Question: How can AR filters influence Social Justice movements through Social Media?
Edited Research Question: How can AR be used as a medium for social change?
Things I want it to be: I want this project to be an educational tool for people. I want it to be super accessible so I want to upload it as a filter on instagram and snapchat. I also want there to be two parts of this project: an AR Experience and a website/instagram account to educate people.  I want to use AR filters to educate people on social movements.
Audience: Young Adults aged 15-25ish
Purpose: It's main purpose is to educate people on different social movements. Social media has caused a lot of people to get involved in "Slacktivism". Slacktivism is the practice of supporting a political or social cause by means such as social media or online petitions, characterized as involving very little effort or commitment. They have no real connection to these movements. By posting, a black square, people think they are making a difference, but in reality they aren't really doing anything. So, I want to find a way to help people make a real difference and learn how they can do so. 
There have been a lot of individual organizations that talk about social justice movements, but I haven't found anything that coves a wide variety of movements. I will probably focus on the US right now because that is what I am most knowledgable about.
Subtopics: slactivism (Black squares), instagram and aesthetics, AR as an educational tool, instagram infographics, why people become interested in social movements, the interest in experimental tech, social movements color theory.
To do further research, I want to start interviewing people. 
Interview Questions: Are you interested in learning about social movements? How have you gotten involved in social movements? Did you post a black square on instagram and why? How often are you on social media? Why do you use social media? Have you ever experienced AR? If you were to learn more about social movements, how would you want to do so? Why do you use AR filters? What types of AR filters do you use the most?
I also started a collection of social media posts that I found that were interesting. Just so I can look back and analyze them!

I also met with Dan and these are some of the things we talked about:
Why are you interested in social change?
interested in social movements - didn’t know what things were going on / started to learn
Why are you interested in social movements?
Interested in people getting together. Also interested in impact that’s possible without people being there
Specific Interest in the movement
People who really know already, People who don’t have that great knowledge, The starting point where you’re learning about the movement
How do you bridge this gap? What would bridging this gap look like to you?
AR to grab attention , AR filters - figuring out a way to create a filter that’s aesthetically appealing (people want to put on their feed), Instagram account to learn more, account that’s dedicated to these movements
Are there specific kinds of change you could “measure” through this projects?
I want this to be a gateway to find their own interest in social movements. Helping the MeToo movement’s instagram account to help them get more followers
What kind of change do you want .. “I encountered this project _____ and then I ____“
Encountering people’s individual and personal stories makes us get more involved. Friend in Minneapolis. AR would pull them into something that lets them learn about peoples’ stories
Why are you interested in AR that you’re interested in on this project?
Carla’s Remixing Reality, Cool way to mix the real world and the digital together, Enjoy working with real world things but am based in a digital artist
What experiences relating to AR felt like more than the sum of its parts?, statues of POC and women / to present underrepresented people, can do it anywhere / tells a story, AR blurring faces -
Is AR the right medium?
Try analyzing mediums - e.g. Books :: Cookbooks, Tour guides, Papers Maps ::: AR :: ?
Filters that change your face
making people feel like they were there?
What do you personally feel angry about? Wanting to protest?
Anti-asian protest

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