This week, I sent out a survey through Eric to IDM Undergrads and Grads and I got a lot of important information that will definitely help me decide which social movements I want to focus on. I also got 50 responses so super excited about that!! Here are some of the results from the survey:
From the survey results and the information from my research I have decided to focus on the following movements:
-Black Lives Matter
-Immigration Rights Movement
-LGBTQ+ Rights
-Women's Rights Movement
-Climate Change Movement
This week I also started working on some of the posters. Here was a quick sketch on my ideas: for the BLM movement
Here's a first draft of the final poster:
Here are my thoughts for the climate change poster:
I also mapped out some of the AR aspects and figured out exactly what I wanted to focus one.
Lastly, I played around in Spark AR and came up with a template for the Key People aspect for each movement. Going back into Spark made me remember how everything worked. Next week, I want to design more of the posters and start modeling some of the assets I will need.

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