This week I made a detailed schedule for my project and milestones that I really want to hit each week. Hopefully this will help me stay on track to finish on time which is something I am worried about. I also laid out my project plan, it's pretty basic right now, so when I get a little further a long I want to add to it. Doing the project plan really helped me zero in on exactly what I want to do, it helped me shape some the more general aspects of my project as well.
Furthermore, I narrowed down on 6 different social movements that I want to focus on. I have decided to do 5 out of the 6, I just want to see how much information I can find on all of them. The social movements that I want to focus in on are Black Lives Matter, Climate Change Movement, #MeToo Movement, Immigration Movement, Disability Rights Movement,  and the LGBTQ+ Movement.
Next, I made a moodboard sort of thing with the general color schemes from each movement, just to get an idea of what they look like.
Lastly, I kinda just wrote down all the big ideals I had for my project to try to narrow all my thoughts down. It is kinda just a brain dump, so hopefully it makes sense. I also added some sketches of what I want the AR portion of it to look like!
Lastly, I researched the Disability Rights Movement this week and found out a lot of new information about it. Next week, I want to research more movements and maybe start on some designs for the posters!

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