This week I have focused a lot on the research aspects of my project. I have decided that I want to move forward with an AR book where each page has a poster that depicts a social movement and when you scan that page you will get more information on that social movement. As of right now, I am going to focus on about 5-10 Social Movements in the United States. 
Here are some of the movements I want to focus on are the Black Lives Matter & Police Brutality Movements, the Disability Rights Movement, the #MeToo Movement, the Gun Violence Movement, the Climate Change Movement, and the LGBTQ+ Rights Movement.
This week, I have done some research about the origins of social movements and some language I should know before diving head first into the movements itself. I read “The Public Sphere” by Jürgen Habermas which talks about what a public sphere is. It is a place where citizens inform themselves on matters of collective concern and then debate those concerns to come to a rough consensus of what should be done. In essence, all social movements fall into the public sphere. Another reading I did was “Rethinking the Public Sphere” by Nancy Fraser. Which was about how Habermas’s definition of the Public Sphere was flawed because a public sphere needs to have people of diverse backgrounds and opinions to actually get things done and Fraser also discussed how a consensus would be impossible because there cannot be a single public which is why the Public Spheres don’t lead to consensus, they lead to compromise.
Next week, I am going to look more into the histories of Social Movements and how they started and I will start looking at the individual social movements and begin visual research on them.

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