This week I made a lot of changes to my project. I added the QR codes to incorporate the Get Involved Resources as well as updated the resources I had for each movement. Then, I moved to working on the AR part and this is where everything started to go wrong. I finished everything for the BLM poster in the Key people section and then I realized that Spark AR limited the amount of times you can link an object to an interaction which threw a huge wrench in my project because I wouldn't be able to make it as interactive as I wanted too. This was the code I had for the key people section:
Soooo, I had to rethink the direction I wanted to take my project. I came up with two options: stay with what I had right now but make each poster less interactive or add pages for the map and the important legislation, but have a lot more interaction. Here are some of my notes that helped me decided which route to go with.
I ended up going with adding new pages so I could create the interactions I wanted too which would make the project interesting. I then updated the entire book, which looks like this now:
I decided that the key people info would go on the poster. I also decided to make the map its own page. How it would work is that the pins would pop up and when you click on them, it shows you the location and an image from that protest.
I feel like I got a lot done but I moved a little backwards before I could move forward. So in terms of completion I am only a little bit further than last week even thought I did sooo much work. I definitely think I am still on track to finishing, I just need to bang out a lot of stuff next week!

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