This week I finally finished up the book part of my project!! I am super proud of it, and I can't believe I finished a whole step of this process. I decided to go with the softcover version of the book, just because blurb was giving me some trouble with the page number I had. Here is a video of what the book will look like when it is printed!
Here are some videos of the AR experience so far!!
I also had a meeting w Carla on Friday at 12:00 pm for about 40 minutes and she gave me soooo much helpful feedback! Here are some of the things that we discussed:
-We talked about audience and who I want this project to be for. We talked about whether or not I want this project to reach a group of people that don't necessarily have the same beliefs as I do. Kind of  breaking the progressive bubble that this project is in
-We also talked about accessibility and visibility of the AR aspects. Some of the AR that I have built out isn't as visible as it should be - I need to up the contrast so that's something I can work on
-Next we talked about interaction and experience, since this is more of an educational tool, Carla suggested that it could be good to add more interaction or gamify it a little bit more so that people who aren't necessarily going to read all the information and still interacting with the project itself because it is interesting.
-Furthermore, we discussed how there should be a call to action in the book itself incase people don't necessarily use the AR side of it. 
-Lastly, we discussed maybe adding easter eggs or things that are unique to each movement in the AR side of things to make the projects unique and fun!

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