This AR project was created to bring awareness to different social movements currently happening in the United States. It is for change-makers and activists who want to become more engaged in the climate of our country. Each section of the AR book takes colors, phrases, and symbols that stand out in each movement and brings them together so that you can see the visual identity of them. Through the AR experiences, you can learn more about the Women’s Rights Movement, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the LGBTQ+ Rights Movement, the Immigration Rights Movement, and the Climate Change Movement. 
Using Spark AR, you can scan the posters to find more information about each movement. From introducing key people to introducing key legislation, this book helps you learn more about these important moments and how you can be a better activist. If you want to learn more about how you can get involved, scan the QR code on each description page! I hope these AR experiences and this project as a whole inspires you to learn more about why these movements are important and how you can make a difference by getting involved.
Want to take a closer look at the book...
Link to Final AR Book​​​​​​​

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