I think Epicenter Design applies to all projects and obviously not just websites. I think it is important to think about Epicenter Design whenever you start a new project. With my project, an AR book about social movements around the US, I think that the epicenter of the book itself is the poster or image trackers. Without those in place, I can’t begin to work on any of the AR elements. Designing the posters will also help me center my thoughts about each social movement so much so that I can break it down into one singular poster. I think the epicenter of my concept is the AR aspects, without those it isn’t really an AR book, just a book with posters in them. The epicenter of my story is each social movement and making sure that I have enough research and resources to bring to light the actualities of what is happening in the world.

I really found this reading interesting because I have never heard of Epicenter Design before, but I know what it means. I really like the fact that it flips the process that everyone thinks they have to follow in their head and lets you focus on what really matters first before all the small nitpicky details. It lets you build out the epicenter aspects first and give them time to develop a lot which I appreciate. 
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