This was honestly the first chapter that I haven't fully related too. I don't think I have gotten to the point of the big crash and I really hope that I don't. With our midterm review today, I feel like my project had some good feedback which made me feel like my project wasn't a total disappointment. I went into this want to make sure that I loved my project, but also that it was meaningful and could help someone. I didn't want it to be just an art piece, I want people to be able to interact with it and get something from it. I found this chapter interesting because I have related to it for other projects, just not this one. But, I think it has a lot of good advice of how to deal with a big crash, if it does end up coming. I think getting feedback on something that you have worked so hard on is really hard, it makes you re-think your whole idea and gives you a new perspective which can be good or bad. It also made me realize that it is okay to take a little bit longer on things than I may think I need just to ensure I am happy with it.

Also just a side note, I have never read Moby Dick., so for the two pages that Pressfield was talking about it I had no idea what was happening, but I get the concept he was trying to convey.

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