I honestly fully felt the first 2 pages of this section. I really feel like I am in a groove and like I have a lot going for me and then towards the end of last week I hit a wall. I wasn't confident in my project and I wasn't sure if people were  going to enjoy it.  I obviously think that it is my own self doubt that is standing in the way. Which like the book says, "The Enemy is Inside of You". I used to be a lot more self-conscious about my projects, but with this one, I have felt a lot more confident (most of the time).  I think the two tests that the book talks about is so accurate to right now.  With it being basically half way through the semester, I really have to ask myself how badly I want to finish this project as well was why I want to finish it. Obviously, I have to finish it for class, but I chose this project because it is something that I am passionate about. So, I have to remember why I chose to start it and let that guide me till the end.  This section actually reminded me why I chose to do this project and why it is important to me and lowkey lit a fire under my ass to go strong through the last half.
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