Do the Work by Steven Pressfield
"Middle" chapter up until "Now We're Rolling" Response

I think the concept of “Fill in the Gaps” is super interesting. It reminds me of Epicenter Design a little bit. I think both of these ideologies want you to focus on the main parts of your project and then later on fill in the gaps with the relevant information. I definitely think that I will use both of these methods when I work on my project as I think it will help me really focus on what I need to accomplish. I also really appreciated how the author said “Fill in the gaps; then fill in the gaps between the gaps.” This really spoke to me because I personally think of things in big steps that I need to accomplish and forget that there are always small things that I need to do in order to really complete the project. 
I think this chapter of the book really put into perspective and gave me the push I needed to really start on my project. In my head, I want to take more time to hash out all the details, but this reading portion has shown me that I should just jump in and get going. I don’t really disagree with anything in this portion of the book. It all makes a lot of sense to me. Some of the key ideas that I will take away with me are: think of the big ideas first and then fill in the gaps, finish the first draft of the project as soon as I can even though it may be super super rough, jump around when you have new ideas don’t try to work in a linear path, lastly, always be thinking and working about your project. I think these key ideas will really help guide me in the right direction as I start my project and do all the research I need to do. The only one thing I would slightly stray away from is the idea of constantly working and thinking about your project. For me, personally, I experience burn out when I work on a project for long stretches of time. So, I will definitely be taking breaks in between working on the project to let new ideas come to me.
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